Kaleidescape elevates every component in your theater with higher fidelity source material for the ultimate cinematic experience.
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The Filmmaker’s Choice
Kaleidescape is an essential part of my life and has been since 2007. It’s allowed me to curate a great library of films over the years, to cross-reference titles and follow my own threads—in other words, to have a treasury of cinematic history at my fingertips. And these days, when movies are routinely devalued and streamed in forms that are often compromised, I’ve come to value Kaleidescape more than ever. From the presentation of uncompressed 4K to the meticulous attention to every aspect of the film as the director intended it, Kaleidescape is grounded in a true and deep love for the art of cinema. Frankly, I don’t know what I’d do without it.
—Martin Scorsese
Home Cinema Elevated
The lights dim. The screen comes to life with a great film. The audience is suddenly silent. The thunder, the lightning, the whispers, the sunset, the roar of the lion—all faithfully reproduced with an uncompromising dedication to perfection, just as the director intended.
Kaleidescape Movies
The magic begins with the content we deliver. Curated from studio masters, Kaleidescape movies are delivered to your private cinema with the highest video quality available, and pure, lossless reproductions of the original motion picture soundtracks. Then we add proprietary metadata that allows our players to present a personalized cinematic experience that goes beyond even the finest of movie theaters. You bring the popcorn, we’ll bring the special sauce.
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The Cornerstone of Your Cinema
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! He is your personal projectionist, orchestrating the presentation of every movie. He turns down the lights when the feature begins, and turns them up slowly when the end credits roll. He can open and close your curtains and automatically adjust your screen masking. He also chooses your favorite audio track and subtitles. All you must do is press PLAY.
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Award-Winning Interface
Renowned for its ease of use, our industry-leading interface provides multiple ways to interact with your movie library. Kaleidescape organizes your library, bringing related movies into view. Play trailers, create custom collections, or jump to your favorite scene or song.
Find Your Inspiration
We curated a selection of home theaters and entertainment rooms to stir your imagination and pique your interest. Discover what is possible when designing the environment for your home.
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Kaleidescape products are sold through custom home integrators.
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