Stores and serves your movies and music, and protects them with Raid-K.

The 1U+ Movie Server stores movies imported from Blu-ray discs, or downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. It also stores music imported from CDs. A single 1U+ Movie Server can store up to 800 Blu-ray movies, or 4,500 DVD quality movies. Multiple servers can be grouped into a single system to store many thousands of Blu-ray movies.

The Kaleidescape 1U+ Movie Server provides fail-safe storage for your collection of movies and CD music using a proprietary disk storage technology called RAID-K. If a hard drive fails, the Kaleidescape System will continue to operate, and no content is lost. The failed drive can be replaced without turning off the server or disrupting playback.

Movies and music stored on a 1U+ Movie Server can be played on any Kaleidescape Premiere player in the home or yacht. For playback of content imported from a Bluray disc, the physical disc must be present in either an M500 Player or in a Kaleidescape Disc Vault.