Building a collection, one download at a time.

John originally purchased the Kaleidescape system to house his music collection. But the minute he watched his first Blu-ray title, it became so much more—and a movie buff was born. What started as a collection of 50 movies has grown to more than 550, with the majority of the titles Blu-ray. Kaleidescape’s extensive selection of movies, unparalleled Blu-ray quality, and feature-rich interface not only enrich John’s movie-watching experience but also open up a stunning new way for John to entertain friends.

The best way to get Blu-ray.

Movies have become a passion of mine all because of Kaleidescape. I started with a small collection and now I have well over 550 titles, most downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store. This awesome store lets me download movies smoothly and effortlessly—and with all the quality I expect from Blu-ray. In fact, it’s the only way to download movies with the same audio and video quality as the actual Blu-ray disc, plus I get all the extra content that’s usually available only on the physical disc.

The Kaleidescape Store has an expansive collection of titles and I love the way it is organized. I can browse by Collections, Top Sellers, New to the Store, and more. The store even helps me save money and space: It doesn’t let me download anything I already have, and gives me a choice of HD or SD format to conserve space. The Kaleidescape Store makes building my Blu-ray collection fun and inexpensive.

A whole new way to entertain

Kaleidescape has changed the way my wife and I entertain at home. Showing movies in our home theater has become part of the whole experience. I especially like to create a custom script showing my favorite Kaleidescape Scenes, so our guests can enjoy them before watching a movie. I’m a tinkerer at heart, so there’s nothing more fun than compiling my favorite scenes from a film to excite friends about what they are about to see. It’s also a kick to be able to watch the extras right away instead of waiting until after the movie—sometimes those scenes are the best part!

Our guests often want to browse through my collection to find the perfect movie, which is entertainment in itself. The Kaleidescape Covers View displays the movie cover art beautifully in high resolution. When we pause on a particular movie, the covers automatically shuffle to present other movies with similar genres. This feature has a great “wow” factor, one of the many reasons our friends love coming over to watch movies.



A way better experience.

So let’s talk about video and audio quality, specifically with Blu-ray. You honestly have to see and hear it to believe it. Once I watched my first Blu-ray movie on Kaleidescape, I was hooked. The resolution and the sound were absolutely incredible—a true theater experience. When I realized what was possible with Kaleidescape, I upgraded my entire home theater to take advantage of that quality. Now I could never settle for streaming or traditional movie downloads from other pay-for-view services; the video and audio just do not compare. And it’s this quality that our friends really pick up on when watching a movie; it is something most have never experienced outside of a movie theater. They also appreciate that they don’t have to sit through FBI warnings, even if they don’t realize it until the movie is over. Kaleidescape has made movies one of my favorite hobbies and a favorite way to spend time with friends.

“Once I watched my first Blu-ray movie on Kaleidescape, I was hooked. The resolution and the sound were absolutely incredible—a true theater experience.”