Kaleidescape Child User Interface

Video Transcript

The child user interface was designed specifically for young children. With a Kaleidescape child remote and a Kaleidescape system, we’ve made the on-screen interface so simple even a toddler can use it.

This is how it works. The child presses any button on the child remote and the user interface switches to the new child user interface. The child will only see his or her movies, it’s his personal collection, and the movie he or she watched most recently is in the center. I can also shuffle the covers by pressing the start button. We made the remote colorful so that a kid would really become attached to it and we made it very simple. There are only nine buttons to work with.

As a parent, I retain complete control over what movies are in the collection. For example, if I want to add or remove a movie from the child’s personal collection of movies, I go to the collections view, select the child collection, and then by checking or unchecking this box, I can add or remove a movie from my child’s personal collection.