Kaleidescape Marine Movie Service

Kaleidescape now makes it easy for customers with yachts to enjoy the latest 4K content while out at sea. Kaleidescape has created a unique marine movie service which enables content to be loaded onto a Kaleidescape system for use on a yacht without requiring an Internet connection. At the time of initial system purchase movies can be purchased from the Kaleidescape marine movie store and downloaded at the factory to a new Strato S movie player or Terra movie server (Marine customers only). At any point after system installation, customers can return to the marine movie store to purchase additional movies, which are then factory-downloaded to an encrypted hard drive. The hard drive is shipped to the yacht where it can be plugged in to update the onboard system with the newly purchased content.

How this service works:

  • When preparing a quote or order for a new system, add part KUPGR-MRNE-MOVIE-SVC – Marine Movie Service License to the order to indicate that the customer would like to be part of the marine delivery service and have access to the marine movie store.
  • Once the payment for the order is confirmed, Kaleidescape Order Processing will release the order to stage the new Strato S movie player or Terra movie server for content download at the factory. The customer will receive an email with information about the marine movie service. They will also receive an email with a link to activate their system. (The date this email is sent will be considered the “start date” for how this process works.)
  • Once the system is activated, the customer will create a Kaleidescape Marine Movie Store account.
  • The customer has thirty calendar days (“selection period”) from the “start date” above to activate the system and to purchase movies that will be downloaded at the factory. If no titles have been purchased during the “selection period”, Kaleidescape will ship the system to the integrator without any factory-downloaded content.
  • Kaleidescape will download all titles purchased by the customer within thirty calendar days after receiving confirmation of payment for movie purchases and ship the system to the integrator.
  • Whenever the customer purchases additional titles from the marine movie store, those titles will be factory-downloaded to an encrypted hard drive, which will then be sent to the yacht or integrator. Upon receipt, the hard drive is connected to the system and all purchased content is automatically transferred to the onboard Strato or Terra system.
  • Within sixty calendar days, the hard drive must be returned to Kaleidescape in the provided return packaging.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment must be made in full prior to the start of any factory content download.
  • A 15% product restocking fee applies if the order is cancelled after the account is activated and the content download process has begun.
  • All movie purchases are non-refundable, whether paid by credit card or otherwise.