Kaleidescape Factory Download Service for Movie Collections

To give your customers the ultimate home cinema experience out of the box, Kaleidescape has created three new pre-load collections from our most-watched 4K HDR movies. By adding one of these collections to your order, your customers will immediately have dynamic audio and video content to get the most out of their new home theater.

Movie Collections*:

Experience Kaleidescape – Small
The most-watched 4K HDR films by Kaleidescape customers (includes 24 films, 17 with Dolby Atmos). $500 MSRP

Experience Kaleidescape – Medium
The top 50 most-watched 4K HDR films by Kaleidescape customers (including 36 films with Dolby Atmos). $1,000 MSRP

Experience Kaleidescape – Large
Over 100 of the most-watched 4K HDR films by Kaleidescape customers (including 69 films with Dolby Atmos). $2,000 MSRP

How this service works:

When preparing a quote or order for a new system, select the desired collection size under the Movie Store services section of the quote generator.

Once the order is placed and payment for the order is confirmed, Kaleidescape order processing will release the order to stage the new Kaleidescape system for content download at the factory. It will take up to 5 days for the download process to complete.

Actions required upon system delivery:

Upon receiving their Kaleidescape system, the customer will register the Kaleidescape system to an email account that will be used to make purchases in the future.

Send the registration email address along with the Terra movie server serial number to factory-download-service@kaleidescape.com with the subject: Factory Download Service Authorization Request.

We will authorize the factory download content within one business day, during business hours of 7:00am – 5:00pm PT (M – F), and reply to the email letting the customer know that the process is complete.

If the Kaleidescape system is connected to the internet, playback permissions should be available within an hour. Movies are ready to play when they are no longer greyed out on the onscreen display of the Kaleidescape system.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Payment must be made in full before the factory content download service can begin.

A 15% product restocking fee applies if the order is cancelled after the account is activated and the content download process has begun.

All movie store collection purchases are non-refundable, whether paid by credit card or otherwise.

*only available in the USA – titles subject to change