The finishing touches on perfection

Whether you'd like to add a Child Remote to your Encore System or a few more terabytes of storage to your Premiere System, we've got just what you need for the ultimate, ultimate movie experience.

Remote Controls

Kaleidescape Remote

The Kaleidescape Remote is a backlit IR remote to control movies and music on a Kaleidescape player. It features one-button access to Kaleidescape user interface views and features (Movies, Music, Now Playing, Intermission, Shuffle, etc.) and easily programmable volume and mute buttons. A Kaleidescape Remote is included with each M-Class player. It is also available separately for purchase.

Kaleidescape Child Remote

With the Child Remote, even toddlers can find and play their own movies, and parents control the content that is available. When a Child Remote is used with a Kaleidescape System, the onscreen display switches to the simplified child user interface, which only offers graphical navigation of movie covers. The child sees just the movies that the parents add to the Child collection. The rest of the content is hidden.

Kaleidescape Child Remote
Kaleidescape Child User Interface

Premiere System Accessories

Disk Cartridges

Need more storage for movies and music? Expand your Kaleidescape System's storage by adding disk cartridges to available slots in a 3U or 1U Server. Each 4 TB Disk Cartridge can store about 110 Blu-ray discs or 600 DVDs or some combination of both. Ask your dealer about server and disk cartridge trade-up options.

M300 Player Shelves

The optional rack-mount shelf holds two mini players per 1U of rack space.

The players shown are not included with the purchase of a shelf.