DV700 Disc Vault

Get hands-free access to up to 320 DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or CDS.

Insert your Blu-ray discs and CDs, and the M700 Disc Vault automatically copies them onto your Kaleidescape system. The vault also lets you play and catalog your DVDs—meaning you can organize, search, and sort your movies via the onscreen display—without the hassle of finding and changing discs. To retrieve a disc from the vault, simply navigate to the title using the onscreen display of any player and choose Eject Disc.

DV700 Disc Vault

The presence of a Blu-ray disc in the vault enables instant playback of the copy on the server by any M-Class player in the system. If a Blu-ray disc is ejected, the system cannot play the movie until it is reinserted.

The DV700 Disc Vault connects to your home network with an Ethernet cable, and any number of disc vaults can be added to a Kaleidescape System.

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