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Kaleidescape provides IR commands and application software for many URC remote controllers. This software provides control for a Kaleidescape movie zone connected to a display device or for standalone music control for multiple zones.

Kaleidescape also provides IR commands for the URC device database for controlling movie players.

Onscreen Display Control Interface

Provides control of the onscreen display with details and cover art for a selected movie or album.

Standalone Music Control Interface

Provides text-based music control for zones without video display (e.g., dining room, outdoor patio) or when the display is off.

Two-Way PC Programmable Remotes

The software application for the URC MX-6000 provides full control and two-way feedback for a Kaleidescape player. Using the Onscreen Display Control Interface or the Standalone Music Control Interface allows users to control their systems for movies and music in zones both with and without a display device.

One-Way PC Programmable Remotes

Home Theater Master and Complete Control series remotes that are PC programmable can use the IR device library from URC. This library contains several one-button Kaleidescape commands, such as single-touch access to the Movie List view, favorite scene controls, intermission, etc. Kaleidescape is listed in this library under AUX.

Kaleidescape IR codes can also be loaded from device files provided for some of the more popular remote controls below, or from CCF files such as the Philips IR library, which can be opened in the Universal Browser.

Learning Remotes

The Kaleidescape code set is an extension to the Toshiba code set. Programming the remote as if it were controlling a Toshiba DVD player allows the remote to control a Kaleidescape movie zone. This results in a good general-purpose remote, but one that lacks Kaleidescape specific commands.

A remote control already set up with Kaleidescape specific commands can be used as a source remote to learn those commands. The Kaleidescape Remote is an excellent source for many such commands.

Preprogrammed Remotes

Preprogrammed remotes should be set up as though they were controlling a Toshiba DVD player.

Programming the MX-6000 for a Kaleidescape Movie Server

This document explain how to integrate the URC MX-6000 touch panel with a Kaleidescape System.

Kaleidescape Programming Manual for Universal Remote Control

This document explains how to integrate a Kaleidescape System with various URC controllers.

Download all URC files

This ZIP file includes all Kaleidescape software and documentation for URC controllers.

Download Templates

Models Files Last Updated
MX-700, MX-750, MX-800, MX-850 Download May 2010
MX-900 Download May 2010
MX-3000 Download May 2010
MX-6000 Download v1.0.1 March 2010

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